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Becoming a Programmer in 13 Weeks | Tuition -

HI! My name is Maria! I want to become a programmer. There is this amazing program in San Fransisco that teaches students to become programmers and helps them get awesome jobs in just 13 weeks! So far, all of their graduates have been hired by really cool companies.
I would love to work on making programs for space engineering and online programs for free education for people who can’t afford traditional schooling.

I know I would really make a difference being a programmer. I just need a little help. :)

I have a fundraiser going on
Check it out! Anything at all helps.

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Major Updates

November 20, 2013

It has been a while since I have sat down to write a blog post. The reason being that I just got completely caught up in everything that needed to be done. I read somewhere once that you should meditate for twenty minutes a day everyday, unless of course you don’t have time to because then you should meditate an hour each day. That really stuck with me. It makes a lot of sense to me and it just makes me want to take some time for myself everyday. I don’t really have that much of a motivation to do that very often. I get too caught up in everything that I “should” be doing. 

I listened to a Ted talk one time ( a really awesome website full of videos of really great people with amazing things to say and share ). The person talking mentioned that one of the most destructive thoughts that human being have are the ones oriented around the “should” word. You know what I mean don’t you? The I “should” be cleaning the house right now instead of watching my favorite show. The I “should” be doing those responsible adult things right now instead of these really enjoyable things. I believe everyone needs a very strong balance in their lives between doing the things we should do and the things we love to do. This way we get things done and our responsibilities are met but we still have fun while going through our everyday lives.

Updates on Alaska:

  • We got another car and sold the old one we had for various reasons this truck is definitely an upgrade.
  • We moved into the house that we rented until May. It is exactly like the pictures and is a pretty newly build house.
  • The online job I had didn’t work out here. There just is never any available jobs in the location I am in.
  • I started my own company. It’s called Invisible Roots. It’s an online marketing company.
  • It is still not as cold as I thought it would be.
  • It snowed and it stuck. It has been here ever since.
  •  We have run very low on financial funds due to the amount of things we have had to buy. Just little things, like a comforter, hygiene products, computers, printers, et cetera. We have almost completely blown through just about 10k. (That includes the house rental until May and the truck.)
  • It is still very beautiful here in Soldotna. A lot less mountains but still awesome. There is definitely a constant small town feel to it.
  • We have started the process of trying to get funding for starting our indoor gun range!

That’s all I can think of so far and for right now.

I will definitely try to take more time for myself on a daily basis.

Have a wonderful day guys!

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I strongly agree.

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So, apparently it is rainy a lot of the time. Which is really not what I expected. I thought it would be relatively dry except for the winter when it snowed.

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. ~ Mark Twain

October 9, 2013

These last couple of days were hectic and stressful to put it mildly. I lost track of things that needed to be done in the same way you lose track of the fact that you’re taking breaths of air and pushing them back out. There was no amount of list making and reminders that could cover the immensity of the things needing to be done.

In the end, everything turned out fine and we arrived safe in Anchorage, Alaska at 12:35 this morning.

Before that happened, we said all of our goodbyes with plenty of time to all of the important people in our lives that were available to see us. We sold the rest of our belongings that were able to be sold and gave away the rest.

Packing our bags was incredibly time consuming. We had allotted one afternoon to doing that and it ended up taking two days. The bags were overweight and would have cost us $120 dollars more per bag if the incredibly nice lady had not waived the fee. None of the bags got lost and nothing was damaged that we know of so far.

When we arrived at the airport ready to rent a car for a week to use while looking for a car to buy, we were incredibly surprised to find that we can not rent a car without a credit card or a minimum $400 deposit (that was not refundable). It was very much out of our price range. His family friend rescued us and came to pick us up at 2AM.

We found a truck on Craigslist that was in our price range and had no mechanical problems just cosmetic ones. The owner that had it originally was snorting bath salts and having a trip in the truck. He proceeded to draw the monsters that were attacking his car in three different places on the car. It also looks just generally worn down from lack of cleanliness. However, all of those things are fixable. and most importantly can wait until we have more money to do so. We are staying at his friend’s house but without a vehicle. So, we called him up and told him we definitely wanted the car and would pay him for gas money if he would come drop it off. And by some strange grace of God, he did. That took an act of trust, that to be honest, I don’t know if I would be able to make.

We will be driving down to Soldotna from Anchorage to sign the lease on the house and take a look at it.

I have been uploading lots of pictures on Facebook and Google+ for friend and family. It is beautiful up here.

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Meet Biddy: The Most Traveled Hedgehog in the Pacific Northwest

This is Biddy, a hedgehog living in the Pacific Northwest who absolutely adores travel. Whether it is taking in the scenic vistas of the Willamette Valley, dipping his toes in the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon coast, or exploring the streets of Portland or Seattle, Biddy is a hedgehog on the move.

Check out all his great vacation snapshots on his Instagram page.

Traveling is fun, even for hedgehogs! I wonder if Biddy would like Alaska

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Wiener [website]

[h/t: pleatedjeans]

Very true

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i shouldn’t have laughed as much as i did



That is the cutest thing I have seen in a really long time.

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Unexpected Happenings

September 22, 2013

Two days ago James broke is week old Nexus 4 phone. This has caused us  to have to buy him an insurance for it and pay a deductible that all ended up costing round about $200. This gives us two years of coverage on the phone and the fixing of the phone.

Well, not much to be done about that. So…no need to get upset. When you think about it there are much worse things that could have happened. We are taking the phone to get its screen replaced in a cell phone repair shop right here in this town and the insurance only requires a $100 deductible for smart phone repairs. (The insurance is SquareTrade by the way. It is a great company.) 

We planned a going away party for my family the night before we leave. That should be really nice. We have just been taking things off of our to do list.

We acquired thermals and good socks for both of us at Walmart. They were really affordable. I found something interesting though! There are no Walmarts on the Peninsula that we will be living on! Just K-Marts. This is super interesting to me because all of the K-Marts in this town have been run out by Walmart.

Either way, I do prefer shopping at locally owned stores over corporate chains. I just like supporting Small Business owners. My social media for small businesses company has shown me all of the struggles that all locally owned businesses are going through because of stores like Walmart and K-mart that can afford to have all items at lower prices. I’m hoping it will be a little different in Kenai because it is just a small town with small businesses. Here in Hendersonville there is just isn’t an affordable place to get things other than corporate stores. It honestly kinda sucks.

So, yeah. Not much of anything new has happened. Just regular everyday things. The nice thing is that I have James to spend my days with which makes doing everyday things actually kind of pleasant. I am very thankful for that.

Anyways! Onwards with this adventure!